WPX Hosting Review – Unique Feature That Never Offers Others

WPX Hosting Review

If you’ve come this far, it’s probably because you want to learn more about WPX Hosting. That’s good because we have prepared a complete test about it! Before revealing the advantages and disadvantages of this host, I would like to point out that WPX Hosting is among the fastest hosting on the market. It is a bit expensive solution, but really very reliable!

Basic Overview
Hosting ProviderWPX Hosting
Established At20th April 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria
Server LocationUnited States, United Kingdom, Australia

WPX Hosting States

WPX Hosting States

Accommodation Information

Accomodation Overview

Today, WPX Hosting offers several hosting solutions, especially for people who run several websites.

It’s a good host that offers good performance, but also several free features! Among them are daily backups, site migrations, etc.

As for the location of WPX Hosting data centers, they are located in Sydney, Australia, London, UK, and Chicago, USA. FYI, WPX Hosting does not have any data center in Asia or Africa.

The Pros Of WPX Hosting

  • 99.95% guaranteed availability
  • Completely secure hosting solutions 
  • User-friendly interface and intuitive control panel
  • One of the fastest WordPress hosting providers available
  • Easy One-Click WordPress Installation
  • Glossary of terms page for beginners and people unfamiliar with these terms
  • Friendly and responsive customer support team available 24/7, 365

Cons of WPX Hosting

  • The rates charged by WPX Hosting are far from being the most attractive on the market. That said, let’s not forget that it offers many advantages, including exceptional speed and all this obviously has a price!
  • The host is not suitable for bloggers or people with only one small website. Unlike almost all other website hosting services, WPX does not provide the option of hosting a single site on the servers it runs. This means that it is not suitable for the blogger or people with a single site on a small scale. Rather, it lends itself to larger projects. And it is for this reason that the prices charged by WPX are quite high. 
  • As mentioned above, WPX Hosting does not offer cPanel as a control panel. Which can be a drawback for some users.

Features offered by WPX Hosting

Like all hosting, WPX Hosting offers several features to its members. To help people make the best possible choice, we have listed all of these free features and options!

A simple and intuitive control panel to use

WPX Hosting does not use the famous cPanel control panel, unfortunately. Instead, it has its own interface. The latter is simpler and more intuitive to use.

It is very suitable for beginners and allows them to configure their website with ease.

WPX Hosting Interface

On the other hand, people who are used to cPanel will find this interface somewhat different. Several operations will be required to understand how to use it correctly, but nothing is overly complicated.

The control panel implemented by WPX Hosting has a personalized dashboard. On the latter are listed all the necessary features and configurations. In addition, you can download WordPress in just 1 click!

A free CDN!

When you maintain a website, you must ensure that your clients can simply access it from wherever they are. A reputable web host can assist you in achieving this aim by providing options such as free CDN. Simply said, it’s as if you had a mini-server nearby.

Instead of loading your site’s content from the main server, your web provider provides a nearby server in the form of a CDN, which allows you to load web pages faster.

The CDN takes content from your site and then delivers it to closed servers around the world. This guarantees easy access to your site anywhere in the world! WPX hosting has its own CDN know as Cloud WPX that make it unique from others.

Unlike companies that use conventional CDN, WPX is constantly improving its CDN to ensure it delivers high-quality WordPress performance.

CDN Cloud WPX is quite effective as it can handle high traffic and also boost your website security. Since this feature is enabled automatically, there is no need to configure it!

A free migration service

If you already have a WordPress website in your possession and you want to change your host to WPX Hosting, know that it is possible.

To make your job easier and save you from spending several hours using rather complicated plugins and tools, WPX Hosting offers you a free site migration service!

Wpx Hosting Migration

The migration process takes approximately 24 hours. The team will move your entire WordPress website from your current host to your new WPX hosting account. Migration of emails associated with this website is also included in the service.

Free daily backups

WPX Hosting offers a daily backup service to the websites it hosts. For optimal data protection, backup files are stored on a separate server and are retained for 14 days.

We would like to point out that some hosts do not hesitate to charge for this kind of service, but at WPX Hosting, it’s free!

There is no charge for backup recovery in case something goes wrong. You can also use your own backup method, like BackupBuddy or BackWPup to store the files on your own.

The mailbox

All WPX hosting offers come with the email option.

This allows you to send and receive emails using the address associated with your website’s domain name.

When setting up emails, you can choose to forward emails to another address, such as your Gmail account among others.

WPX Hosting Emails

You can also access e-mails via webmail, which has an application available on smartphones and tablets.

FTP / SFTP access

Although WordPress can be installed easily from the WPX control panel, you can also, if you wish, access your server space via FTP and SFTP. This gives you the option of securely downloading theme files and plugins via FTP. You can also use FTP to upload other files to your server space.

WPX Hosting Plans

WPX Hosting Plans

1. Business Plan – These plans start with $24.99 per month and $20.84 per month when you buy a one-year plan. In this plan, you can host 5 websites, and you will get 10 GB SSD storage and 100 GB bandwidth. 

2. Professional Plan – These plans start at $49.99 per month and $41.58 per month when you buy a one-year plan. In this plan, you can host 15 websites, and you will get 20 GB SSD storage and 200 GB bandwidth. 

3. Elite Plan – These plans start at $99 per month and $83.25 per month when you buy a one-year plan. In this plan, you can host 35 websites, and you will get 40 GB of SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth.

No matter which plans you are going to purchase, you will get the following features-

  • Free Custom WPX Cloud CDN
  • Free Unlimited SSL
  • Free Unlimited Site Migration Service
  • Daily Scanning and Malware Removal
  • 30-Second Average Response Time Support
  • Staging Area for Each Website
  • Manual and 28-day Automatic Backup
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


It depends on whether you choose or not, but make sure that if you are serious about your blog and online business, think twice on this point.

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